“I have seen growth in my son’s skill as a musician, his interest in music, and his self-confidence in general since he started lessons.”
“Three children, three distinct personalities, three happy kids who NEVER complain about going to lessons.”

What's the problem with traditional music lessons?

Kids love music! So why is it that they start to dread taking music lessons? Why is it that parents need to argue with their kids to get them to practice? Sadly, this often results from the way music lessons have been set up. Traditionally, lessons have been structured in a way that put pressure on students to struggle through learning new music on their own at home.

Our Philosophy

At Oxford Music Academy, our mission is to put creativity and exploration into learning music. Through our programs, students experience a comprehensive approach incorporating composition, improvisation, ensembles, music theory and ear-training games. The variety of instruction makes the learning process fun and produces self-motivated students who are eager to practice and return to lessons every week.


Students at the Academy:

  • Receive the highest scores on adjudicated events and evaluations

  • Perform all around the community – singing in and accompanying their school choirs, playing in orchestras, bands and jazz ensembles as well as performing for their churches

  • Get all the benefits that science has shown music lessons provide (increased academic performance, higher IQs, etc.)