What our Students are Saying:

My performance last night went very well and I am certain that it’s only because of your help! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
— Vicky S.
We LOVE the Oxford Music Academy! My kids have been taking lessons for years and have developed such a love of playing music. It has added such joy to our home.
— Amy
I just wanted to let you know that the music teacher at Bogan Elementary, Mrs. Pitts, stopped Max’s mom yesterday to ask about his piano classes. She was amazed at how much he has learned and how fast he has learned. Thank you so much for your efforts!! It shows. And he enjoys it so much. He’s so excited when he learns it’s ‘piano day’.”
— Marlene H.
You encourage and guide rather than dictate me through the learning process. It’s amazing that after only 1 year, I’m playing pieces that are at an intermediate level.”
— Carol M.
Oxford Music Academy is a wonderful place for your children to learn music! It’s a positive atmosphere that encourages and challenges your child to go above and beyond. My children have made such great advancements, that you wouldn’t realize they’ve only been taking lessons for one year! I love how we can come at one time and lessons for different instruments can be taught, in the same location, making it convenient for families! The Academy is also very flexible in schedules for lessons, make up lessons and performances! All around it has been an awesome experience!
— Lori D.
Here is the deal. You know every adult who took music lessons when they were young and “didn’t stick with it”? It’s because they didn’t have a teacher who understood and could cater the student. This academy does that. Keeping the students engaged and motivated. What more could you ask for?
— Shelagh M.
I could not ask for a better place for my kids to learn music. Jon and his colleagues are thoughtful and encouraging and give my students a boost every week. They don’t complain about practice and are set up for success in every possible way. What an incredible gift for my children - and our family.
— Stephanie B.