Withdrawal Form

Each lesson appointment is a student's personal and financial responsibility. If for any reason a student must stop lessons, 30 days' notice is required to allow enough time to adjust schedules. At that time, the date of the last lesson will be given and the final tuition payment will be prorated to reflect the number of lesson weeks that will have passed by the last lesson date.

Since the total cost of lessons each year is divided into equal payments for convenience, the monthly tuition payments don't exactly cover the number of lessons  taken each month. When terminating lessons in the middle of the year, the monthly payments that have been received are totaled and compared to the total cost of lessons that will be completed by the last scheduled lesson date. The difference is either refunded or billed depending on the individual circumstances.  

Lessons are continuous throughout an entire year, but tuition is calculated separately for the Academic Year and Summer. If a student needs to discontinue lessons over the summer, there is no guarantee that a spot will be available when returning in the fall.


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