Withdrawal Form

We’re sorry to see you go! We understand conflicts arise from time to time, so we don’t have any long-term contracts. Lessons are on a month to month basis. If for any reason a student must stop lessons, notify us by submitting this form on or before the 15th of your final month with us. Since invoices begin to process by the 22nd of each month, this will give us adequate time to stop automated invoices, adjust the instructor’s schedule, and prepare the final invoice.

Since the total cost of lessons each year is divided into equal payments for convenience, the monthly tuition payments don't necessarily cover the number of lessons taken each month. The previous months may have had 3, 4, or 5 lessons. It evens out only after completing the entire year. When stopping lessons in the middle of the year, the monthly payments that have been received are added up and compared to the total cost of the lesson weeks that will pass by the end of your final month. The difference is either discounted or billed on the final invoice depending on the individual circumstances. 

If a student needs to discontinue lessons just for the summer, there is no guarantee that another spot with the same instructor will be available when registering in the fall. The only fair way to keep the same spot with the same instructor for the next year is to temporarily sublease it to another family member or friend.


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