Lessons for Adults

Many adult students come to us because they want to begin music lessons for the very first time.

Others have taken lessons as children, but regret that their parents allowed them to quit, and want to get back into it.

Many Miami students have taken lessons throughout their childhood and are looking for a place to develop their skills, even through college.

Whatever the case, we have instructors who are able to quickly find the ideal course of study and teaching approach for each individual student, providing an enjoyable and positive experience in every lesson.

“You encourage and guide rather than dictate me through the learning process. It’s amazing that after only 1 year, I’m playing pieces that are at an intermediate level.”

Adults Students at the Academy:

  • Learn the fundamentals of music from day one, preparing them for any musical path they desire

  • Enjoy our flexible scheduling system, allowing the possibility to reschedule any lesson for when life gets busy

  • Take an active role in selecting repertoire and making decisions about their own lessons

  • Get all the benefits that science has shown music lessons provide (emotional benefits, higher IQ’s, delays the effects of aging, etc.)